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Silicone bottle is expected to replace the PC bottle

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Silicone bottle is expected to replace the PC bottle

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Recently, Guangdong province by the next generation working committee, the Guangdong provincial women's Federation and other support units, organized by the Guangdong Province intellectual property rights strategy Culture Research Institute, Guangzhou Yi Lok Si Alwayseal Technology Ltd to undertake "bottle innovation safety upgrade" forum China silica gel bottle press conference held in Guangzhou. This marks the third generation of independent research and development of China's silica gel bottles officially listed, China will achieve a bottle safety upgrades.
At present, there are two kinds of bottles in our market, that is, glass bottles and plastic bottles. Fragile glass bottles appeared in the 20s of the last century, was soon replaced by the appearance of PC plastic bottles in 60s. PC plastic bottle weight light, not fragile, and has high transparency and other advantages, has long been popular with consumers. However, with the emergence of some time ago, precocious puberty event, PC bottle safety issues began to be questioned.
According to reports, the European Union since March 1, 2011, a comprehensive ban containing bisphenol A bottles, prohibit the production of bisphenol A plastic bottles, since June to prohibit the import of any bisphenol A plastic bottles to member countries. China's Ministry of health and other six departments jointly issued recently also announced that, since June 1, 2011, banning the production of polycarbonate baby bottles and other infant baby bottles containing bisphenol A, quality and technical supervision departments at all levels shall withdraw and cancel the production license of polycarbonate baby bottles. It also indicates that PC bottles will gradually withdraw from the market, the end of its 50 years of market dominance.
It is reported that silicone is the most ideal bottle material, silicone bottle with safe and sound, easy to wash and disinfect, high temperature, no smell, easy to carry, economical and practical advantages.
Former deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, Lv Zhiguang, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Committee on the work of the next generation of care to attend the forum and jointly launched the national bottle big exchange ceremony. Guangzhou, Iraq, health and silicon Alwayseal Technology Ltd to the Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center presented 1000 little dots silicone bottle. It is understood that the "little" silica gel bottle are made of food grade liquid silicone, bisphenol A, safety, health and environmental protection; high temperature 200 degrees Celsius disinfection, durable, and overcome some problems existing glass bottle; the bottle body is very soft, not broken beat. After the expert argument, little dot silicone bottle is the best alternative to PC bottles (including glass bottles), with good market prospects.

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