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        Jinan Laiwu Fuquan Rubber Co., Ltd is a professional engaged in waste rubber recycling and comprehensive utilization of the manufacturer, was founded in 1976, has 30 years of production experience. The company's existing staff of 467 people, is the "China Rubber Industry Association executive director of the unit", "scrap rubber comprehensive utilization branch chairman of the unit", "China tire renovation and Recycling Association restoration rubber branch vice president of the unit", "Shandong Province Rubber Industry Association vice chairman of the unit", "high-tech enterprises in Shandong province", "Shandong Province, comprehensive utilization of waste rubber engineering technology research center", "Shandong provincial enterprise technology center", "comprehensive utilization of resources in enterprises".

        The company mainly use reclaimed rubber, rubber powder of waste rubber production, and deep processing production using butyl inner tube, rubber roller, Mats and other products, production in the country, is the maximum utilization of waste rubber recycling Jiangbei enterprises. Has won the "national comprehensive utilization of waste rubber safety environmental protection and clean production advanced unit" Chinese Rubber Industry Association recommended brand "," national waste rubber recycling demonstration of advanced enterprise "," Shandong Province ten circular economy demonstration project "," Shandong famous brand "and" China rubber industry hundred enterprises "," Shandong Province the rubber industry comprehensive strength 50 strong "," Shandong Province, energy-saving environmental protection industry demonstration enterprise "honorary title. The company has passed the quality management system certification, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification and cleaner production acceptance. 2014 sales revenue of 210 million yuan, in 2015 is expected to achieve sales revenue of $220 million.

        The products are mainly sold to triangle tire, tire, tire, tire, Linglong DoubleStar, Weihai Zhongwei, Hubei Oles, Jia Rui Jilin Huaqin rubber, etc. the major well-known tire production enterprises. At the same time with Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand and other foreign customers have established a good relationship of cooperation.

        The company has built up waste tires 100 thousand tons of production capacity, the company in the full investigation and Study on the basis of the market, with Zouping, Jining, Heze and other places of renewable resources recycling enterprises joint construction of specialization, the scale of the regional large-scale renewable resources recycling base.


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