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Shandong - Thailand rubber industry exchange meeting held investment opportunities

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Shandong - Thailand rubber industry exchange meeting held investment opportunities

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Thailand, the world's largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, there are about 6000000 people engaged in the production, processing and trade of rubber, the proportion is close to the national population of 1/10. China is one of the largest rubber consuming countries, and cooperation and communication with each other has been very frequent. In April 8th, Achaga Hiben, Minister of industry and industry of Thailand, led by the Thailand Industrial Park Authority organized a delegation of entrepreneurs and media came to Qingdao, held a 4 day roadshow. And on the 8 day with the Shandong province CCPIT, Shandong Province Rubber Industry Association jointly organized the Shandong Thailand rubber industry investment cooperation and exchange, and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and the expansion of investment intent.
The coffee minister said at the meeting: the government of Thailand will come to the development of rubber industry based on industry cluster form, according to different production areas and production processing potential, in cooperation with scientific research institutions research and innovation of rubber products; to provide credit preferential measures, the development of new business opportunities, make efforts for sustainable economic development. The Minister of coffee in an interview also said a leading edge in the rubber industry based on Technological Development in Shandong, the future direction of cooperation will be focused on the new rubber products, to improve raw materials import and export trade mode originally simple.
Mr. Wirak Chaipon, Commissioner of the Bureau of industrial park also stressed: the visit to Qingdao is not only to attract investment, it is in the original rubber industry cooperation promotion; Chinese is the world's largest rubber market, very large demand for rubber, a rubber industry in Shandong Province Association and Thailand Industrial Park Management Bureau of the memorandum of understanding, no doubt further the establishment and development of the import and export of Thai rubber industry cooperation network.
During the meeting, Shandong Linglong tyre Limited by Share Ltd with IEAT (Thailand Industry Bureau) signed a letter of intent to expand investment, with the intention of the tire supply chain forward, investment in the construction of the third phase of the composite rubber project, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and self-sufficient natural rubber increased demand in Thailand, and exported to Chinese, provide high quality raw materials for Chinese tire enterprises.
Mr. Wirak Chaipon is very confident of this exchange: This roadshow describes the potential of the Thailand Rubber Industrial Park, including benefits, related activities, infrastructure systems and investment opportunities. Thailand has a wide range of related industries, logistics system developed to meet domestic demand and export demand in the international market, it is estimated that in the future Chinese investors will come to the rubber industry park investment.
In addition, Thailand Industrial Park Management Bureau and the delegation also participated in the thirteenth session held in Qingdao China International Rubber Technology (Qingdao) exhibition in Shandong, increase the market demand for rubber and understand the latest development of rubber industry technology exchange. Thailand Industrial Park Management Bureau has set up a booth, the details of the project to enjoy the city of rubber and rubber city investment preferential rights, China entrepreneurs to answer Thai investment in rubber industry question, I believe there will be a lot of enterprises to increase investment intention.

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