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Rubber changes the world

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Rubber changes the world

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We all have such an experience, the gym class will be replaced with shoes, because the soles of the shoes wear, elastic, anti slip, not only can improve our physical performance, but also effectively protect our knees. You may ask, does the car have any shoes? The answer is yes. The four tires of a car are equivalent to those of a car. What's more interesting is that the shoes and the shoes are made of the same material.
Where does the magic rubber come from?
Natural rubber comes from nature. Nature, there are as many as 2000 kinds of rubber plants, but the real value of the acquisition is not much, has been extracted from the 500 kinds of plants inside the rubber, which is familiar with the dandelion. We do not know when did not take off the bar, dandelion later, inside secretes some white liquid, touch it, feel sticky rubber, this is. There is a tall tree - Du Zhongshu. Some people are familiar with it because it is a medicinal plant, in addition to its seeds, leaves, bark can be raised. However, the yield of these plants is relatively low, which can meet the needs of the world's 98% Ruyuan plants. What is it? This is the Hevea brasiliensis.
Hevea rubber tree, also known as the Brazil rubber tree, or referred to as rubber trees, rubber plants. Compared with other plants containing rubber, rubber tree has two advantages: first, tall trees, containing a lot of glue; two is a long life, a tree can continue to provide human rubber for up to thirty or forty years.
Rubber tree native to the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. Back more than 1000 years ago, the rubber tree quietly grew in the depths of the Amazon forest in South America, after the bark was cut, the white latex will drop by drop, like tears. So, in ancient Indian, it was called "crying tree."". Ancient Indians have learned to use some of the original way to lift and produce some products, such as playing the elastic ball, elastic bottle, or even coated on the clothes or feet to play the role of waterproof.
How do Westerners know natural rubber?
This is due to one person: Columbo. Columbo discovered the continent of America, and he brought back the rubber ball from the local Indians to europe. Later, the American inventor Goodyear developed rubber vulcanization technology, completely overcome the cold and hot rubber hardens soft ills. This technology has greatly expanded the scope of application of rubber.
Dunlop, now the world's rubber industry giants, Dunlop tires, mattresses are very famous for the world's most famous in the world, the United States and China, the world's largest rubber industry in the world. Dunlop is the original British veterinarian, his son love riding a bike very much, but the early tire has been solid, riding up very uncomfortable, son often complained of a pain in the ass, and often so hurt. Dunlop had an idea, why don't you put the air into the tire, make it more elastic expansion? So, in 1888, the world's first hollow tire was born. Soon, rubber tires by people like, less than 6 years, in 1895, the world's first use of inflatable tires come out of the car. Since then, the rubber industry from the rain forest in Brazil began on the world stage, began to turn the world.
Now, with the deepening of people's understanding of rubber, rubber technology is also improving, whether it is natural rubber or synthetic rubber, has become a necessity of our lives. There is no raw material such as rubber, covering all aspects of our lives, from household items to sports and entertainment products, from the medical field to the military industry, everywhere can see the shadow of rubber products. Rubber has changed our lives and changed the world.

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