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Dynamic continuous desulfurization become upgrading process

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Dynamic continuous desulfurization become upgrading process

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Recently, the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber industry experts once again inspected the new era of Dujiangyan city industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Tai'an Jinshan Rubber Co., ltd.. The new era of Dujiangyan city industry and trade limited company research and development of single spiral desulfurization patented products rubber regeneration atmospheric continuous desulfurization technology and equipment, Tai'an Jinshan Rubber Co. Ltd. developed double spiral desulfurization patented products automatic rubber powder plasticizing process and device, has become the new desulfurization technology of dynamic adjustment and optimization of industrial structure upgrading.
Inspection experts in Dujiangyan City, the new Time Inc workshop to see the scene of the production order, a II type desulfurization machine can meet the normal supply of 2 rubber lines. The new Time Inc chairman Xiao Guanlu introduced the operation of equipment and the use effect, due to the improvement and innovation of models, the production equipment is more stable, the regenerated rubber product quality is improved, the rubber physical index more than 13MPa in current regeneration. Xiao Guanlu said, according to the application of continuous desulfurization machine more than and 10 years of experience, the equipment is only on the one hand, more important is the adjustment of production technology. He stressed that the workshop is currently used in more than more than and 10 desulfurization machine has been used for a long time, but still continue to use, indicating that the device and process is reliable.
China Rubber Industry Association of scrap rubber comprehensive utilization group branch experts Liu Zengyuan suggested that because of the II type machine is a continuous high temperature desulfurization desulfurization, desulfurization powder production is relatively large, but the powder produced there is a certain temperature, will have a certain impact on the product and the environment, proposed to increase the cooling device in the desulfurization equipment, to ensure that the powder at room temperature increase; powder conveying device, desulfurization by automatic machine production line directly assigned to the 2 rubber line, in order to save manpower, really play a continuous advantage of continuous desulfurization machine.
After nearly two years of development and improvement, Jinshan rubber company's double helix atmospheric high temperature continuous desulfurization equipment and processes have been successful. Experts believe that the desulfurization machine mixing oil mixing system and desulfurization exhaust cooling system design is more reasonable. Reclaimed rubber by random sampling, the strength reach 11.83MPa, elongation reached 457%, 89 mooney. Chairman Zhao Rongbin said that in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment after the factory, each device must be in the factory after debugging can be handed over to the user. They also plan to build an advanced automatic production line of recycled rubber.
CRIA scrap rubber comprehensive utilization branch secretary Cao Qingxin said, the adjustment of industrial structure in the national development and Reform Commission issued the "Guidance Catalog (2011 version)", "restricted in the conventional method of reclaimed rubber (except continuous desulfurization) one, that the State encourages the dynamic continuous development of desulfurization technology. The continuous high temperature desulfurization process of reclaimed rubber will accelerate the transformation of the production technology of reclaimed rubber with Chinese characteristics, and become a new way to promote the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber industry in china.

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